Sunday, February 19, 2012

seeds are for planting

These seedlings will become grapefruit trees, and my old jam jar should sprout what will grow to be apple trees.

Rather than throwing seeds out, why not plant them?  Why not experience the joy of watching something grow?

I love planting seeds and watching them grow in the windowsill, and I grow much more container-gardening outside.  Our soil here is rocky and not conducive to planting-- plus we have lots of pests and wildlife, being on the edge of the woods-- so container gardening is the solution for me.  For a year now the edibles I've grown are parsley, green onions, leeks, romaine lettuce, strawberries, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, and brussel sprouts.  I've been able to eat all but the brussel sprouts.  I've grown a few other vegetables which died off in the winter weather, so these are just the plants I've been successful with.  The ones I found most useful in the kitchen are the parsley and green onions-- they can be added to almost any dish.  And there is such satisfaction in creating a meal incorporating something you grew yourself, at no cost.

Next time you see something grow-able you might throw out-- seeds from inside a fruit, a potato that's starting to sprout-- why not plant it instead?  Kids enjoy this immensely-- my students' favorite thing in our classroom was the planter I brought in with potatoes, scallions, romaine, and brussels growing in it.

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