Thursday, March 8, 2012

flowers to be planted

Black-Eyed Susan, Forget-Me-Not, Sweet Pea, and Lupine
These are my flower seeds soon to be planted-- hopefully this Saturday morning.  These packets were the cheapest seeds I've found yet-- a quarter each, at one of the dollar stores around here.  I am hoping to plant these around the yard as well if I can get them to do well enough.  My delphinium and orange poppy (planted last week) have not yet sprouted, but probably should in the next week.

I really miss the tropical flowers and plants we had down in Florida-- and so want to start to appreciate the plants we have available in this different climate.  Several plants I see all over here in NC are my favorites locally-- the magnolia trees, the azaleas, and above all the flowering trees- peach trees and cherry blossom trees (I think). 

What are your favorite native plants or flowers where you live?

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