Saturday, March 3, 2012

flower seeds

So far I've focused mainly on herbs and vegetables, but now I'm branching out to flowers.
Yesterday I picked up some carrot, watermelon, zucchini, and delphinium seeds at the grocery (Food Lion), and today found during a rare venture to the dollar store that they have seeds there, and they are much cheaper than the ones I'd just bought.  The seed packets at Food Lion were $2 each, and the ones I bought at the dollar store ranged from 33 cents to $1.30.  So now I know.

My grapefruit seedlings are making satisfactory progress (pictured above, on the right), and this afternoon I planted seeds for three types of flowers: orange poppy, in the re-purposed egg carton, above, as well as delphinium (which can grow up to five feet tall-- just like me!) and a perennial wildflower mix (both in planters outside).  I am so excited about these flower seeds, which have relatively short germination periods, and if they do well I'll put them in planters not only on the front and back decks, but around the yard, too.  I was tempted to buy lavender seeds as well which remind me so much of the South of France....and I will probably go back to get those.

We also have three mums growing in pots outside which we thought had died in the winter cold, but I pruned them back today to uncover the green growth under the dead branches.  It is my goal to do much more with flowers this year, and today I made a little progress.  NC is naturally quite beautiful, but people just don't do much with flowers here like I was used to in Florida and Germany, where it appeared to be mandatory.

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