Sunday, February 19, 2012

for free fun, seek out the beauty around you

A few months back I spent a lovely Autumn day enjoying Falls Lake Park.  Exploring the woods in fair weather is one of my absolute favorite ways to pass the time.  In Germany I did this most days, even in the snow-- I couldn't get enough of the natural beauty around me.  I also really love the simple, natural beauty of the woods, especially in contrast with the modern idea of "landscaping," which is so contrived and artificial in appearance-- twig-like trees spaced equidistant apart, manicured shrubs, mowed lawns.  There is no beauty in that.


The cost for the beautiful day spent at the lake was only that of driving there and back.  I brought with me an apple for a snack, my refillable water bottle, my camera, and of course, a book.

Other ways I enjoy spending my time without spending my money: going to the library, walking in the neighborhood or, better, on a trail somewhere, browsing the little shops downtown (I just leave my wallet at home-- literally), trading my old books in at the used bookstore, writing, creating simple meals using ingredients from my garden, and-- my absolute favorite-- sitting outside on the deck with a good book on a sunny day.  Nothing is better than that.

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