Sunday, February 19, 2012

things not to buy used

There are a very few, specific things I won't buy used.  These are those things:

-Linens (These could be bought used and sanitized in really hot water, but it's generally impossible to find matching linens in a thrift store.)


-Upholstered furniture.  Once, on the porch of an old house, I sat down on an upholstered wicker couch, and a few minutes later discovered maggots crawling in the fabric.  That's why I will never consider buying used upholstered furniture (though the presence of bed bugs is a much more likely threat, and common in this area.) 

-Underthings/unmentionables, for obvious reasons (and they're inexpensive to buy new, anyway).

-Hats.  Head lice only survive off the human host for 1-2 days, but nevertheless, I'd rather not.  And then there's also the fact that I really don't wear hats.

Everything else- clothes, furniture, books, pets, cars, houses-- I would choose to purchase used rather than new.  It's cheaper and less wasteful, and in my opinion, simply more fun to shop for.  I also as a rule don't go to shopping malls or department stores, which makes buying new clothing difficult, if not impossible.

What things would you not consider buying used?

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